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Ready to Establish Your Brand Worldwide?

PR Single Placements


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The Best PR Network

The reason why 9.33% of artists make it in the market is because of
brand recognition.

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Playlists Promotion
  • Brand Acceptance/Rejection

  • Organic Engagement

  • Pick Your Own Placements

  • Guaranteed Placements (after Acceptance)

Are you looking to build a brand at 360° degrees?

Then Select Your Campaign!


Every month

Recommended Plan for Ultimate Growth

  • Complete Spotify Campaign 4 Tracks

  • Complete SoundCloud Campaign 4 Tracks

  • Complete YouTube Campaign 4 Tracks

  • Complete Audiomack Campaign 3 Tracks

  • Complete Genius Blog Package

  • Organic Growth of Followers & Subscribers on all Platforms

  • Press Release Writing & Blog Posts

  • Customized IGTV & Reel Branding

  • Create Cover Art/ Promo Posts

  • Photo and Video Editors

  • TikTok Engagements (FYP Targeting)

  • Analytics & Results of your Growth

  • Scheduled Calls with Personal Brand Manager

Platinum Plan
Silver Plan
  • Complete Spotify Campaign 3 Tracks

  • Complete SoundCloud Campaign 3 Tracks

  • SoundCloud Marketing & Engagement

  • Spotify Curation & Playlisting

  • Wide scale Facebook or Instagram Ad Campaigns

  • AI Programmed Manual Targeting

  • Analytics & Results of your Growth

  • Personal Brand Manager 24/7


Every month

Recommended Marketing Plan to Start Growing

The Process

 PA Gives You All The Steps Taken To Bring Your Music To The Next Level.

Step-By-Step Process

1- Artist Assessment

Your song is sent to experts after your order, and they listen to it through to the end. After that, we'll offer you some brief commentary on the song. We also won't promote it if it still needs a lot of work. We'll provide you with constructive criticism first so you can make improvements before submitting to us. You'll get your money back in a day or two if you decide against making improvements to your track.

2- Write-Up Creation

It will be time to craft the press release that will resonate with top-tier sites and their readers once we have a thorough understanding of the artist and their goals. We'll identify the main ideas, approaches, and distinctive selling features that will set the musician apart in the crowded music market. Every press release is tailored to meet the unique needs of various premier websites. We have looked into the requirements, ideal writing style, and submission procedure for each website.

3- Placements and Follow-Ups

Naturally, we have no control over how individuals behave during any of our promotions. We don't make use of automated programmes. For this reason, we are unable to precisely forecast the outcome of your campaign. We provide you with a range of expectations based on past performance. We'll provide you a comprehensive report from Google Ads at the conclusion of the campaign so you can view the Ad's performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the service all about?

  • How does the service work?

  • What are "custom single placements"?

  • What is the expected delivery time?

  • Is the write-up for the blog placements included in the service?

  • Can I choose the blogs I want my music to be featured on?

  • What sets your service apart from others?

FAQ's User Manual

By using targeted strategies to increase online visibility, our music promotion service guarantees safe and effective exposure through ethical practices. "Custom single placements" fit the right platforms for your music. Our service usually includes a professionally written write-up for blog placements, and delivery times are prompt. You may have an impact on the choice of blogs, depending on the package. Our distinctive approach is tailored to each customer and includes professional content creation, flexible scheduling, and unique placements. Quality, well-thought-out promotion, and making sure your music reaches the right people for maximum impact are our top priorities.

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