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Are You Trying to Use Targeted Playlists to Promote Your Music?

Spotify Playlist Promotion


Plugin Agency
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Plugin Agency

The Ultimate Spotify Promotion

The reason for the success of 9.33% of artists is sustained, paid promotion.

Plugin Agency
Playlists Promotion
  • SongAcceptance/Rejection

  • Organic Engagement

  • Genre Targeting

  • Royalties Eligible

Are you looking for targeted promotion on Spotify?

Then Select Your Campaign!


Every month

Recommended Plan for Ultimate Growth

  • Complete Spotify Campaign 4 Tracks

  • Complete SoundCloud Campaign 4 Tracks

  • Complete YouTube Campaign 4 Tracks

  • Complete Audiomack Campaign 3 Tracks

  • Complete Genius Blog Package

  • Organic Growth of Followers & Subscribers on all Platforms

  • Press Release Writing & Blog Posts

  • Customized IGTV & Reel Branding

  • Create Cover Art/ Promo Posts

  • Photo and Video Editors

  • TikTok Engagements (FYP Targeting)

  • Analytics & Results of your Growth

  • Scheduled Calls with Personal Brand Manager

Platinum Plan
Silver Plan
  • Complete Spotify Campaign 3 Tracks

  • Complete SoundCloud Campaign 3 Tracks

  • SoundCloud Marketing & Engagement

  • Spotify Curation & Playlisting

  • Wide scale Facebook or Instagram Ad Campaigns

  • AI Programmed Manual Targeting

  • Analytics & Results of your Growth

  • Personal Brand Manager 24/7


Every month

Recommended Marketing Plan to Start Growing

The Process

 PA Gives You All The Steps Taken To Bring Your Music To The Next Level.

Step-By-Step Process

1. Approved/Dejected Songs

Your song is sent to experts after your order, and they listen to it through to the end. After that, we'll offer you some brief commentary on the song. We also won't promote it if it still needs a lot of work. We'll provide you with constructive criticism first so you can make improvements before submitting to us. You'll get your money back in a day or two if you decide against making improvements to your track.

 2- Playlist Pitching

Once everything checks out, the song is forwarded to our curators of playlists. Our network comprises hundreds of distinct curators, some of whom have multiple playlists. The song is listed by genre when it is sent to them, allowing the curator of the playlist to listen to it in accordance with the playlist they have created. If they enjoy the song, they can then ask us for it. After that, we double check the request to make sure it fits well on their lists.

3. Targeted Placements

Depending on the campaign you select, we will determine how many curators add your song to their list or to whom you submit it. Working with us is based on the activity of the list, not the number of playlist followers. We continuously monitor every list within our networks. We have a good system on the back-end to know which lists are performing well, but it's a very laborious task for us. In an effort to maintain the campaigns' effectiveness, we perform analytics on each list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why should I buy a Spotify Promotion?

  • Will I get streams, saves and followers on Spotify from the promotion?

  • How long will my music be featured in any playlist?

  • What genres do you cover?

  • Are refunds available?

  • How soon will my campaign start after I purchase?

  • How will I know in which playlist the song is placed in?

  • Do you promote songs in all languages?

FAQ's User Manual

Elevate your music's reach with our Spotify Promotion. We boost streams, saves, and followers, providing the attention your music deserves. Your campaign starts promptly after purchase, ensuring quick results. While playlist durations vary, our goal is optimal exposure to a diverse audience across genres. Unfortunately, we don't offer refunds once a campaign begins. We maintain transparency, providing details about the playlists featuring your music. Our promotion services cover a broad range of languages, supporting artists in connecting globally.

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