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Trying to Get Your Latest Single Viral?

TikTok Influencers


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The Tiktok Algorithmic Trigger

Influencer marketing is the quickest and most effective way to increase brand recognition.

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Playlists Promotion
  • SongAcceptance/Rejection

  • Organic Engagement

  • Genre Targeting

  • Royalties Eligible

Are You Trying To Get Your Latest Single Viral?

Then Submit Your Track to Thousands of Influencers Today!


Every month

Recommended Plan for Ultimate Growth

  • Complete Spotify Campaign 4 Tracks

  • Complete SoundCloud Campaign 4 Tracks

  • Complete YouTube Campaign 4 Tracks

  • Complete Audiomack Campaign 3 Tracks

  • Complete Genius Blog Package

  • Organic Growth of Followers & Subscribers on all Platforms

  • Press Release Writing & Blog Posts

  • Customized IGTV & Reel Branding

  • Create Cover Art/ Promo Posts

  • Photo and Video Editors

  • TikTok Engagements (FYP Targeting)

  • Analytics & Results of your Growth

  • Scheduled Calls with Personal Brand Manager

Platinum Plan
Silver Plan
  • Complete Spotify Campaign 3 Tracks

  • Complete SoundCloud Campaign 3 Tracks

  • SoundCloud Marketing & Engagement

  • Spotify Curation & Playlisting

  • Wide scale Facebook or Instagram Ad Campaigns

  • AI Programmed Manual Targeting

  • Analytics & Results of your Growth

  • Personal Brand Manager 24/7


Every month

Recommended Marketing Plan to Start Growing

The Process

 PA Gives You All The Steps Taken To Bring Your Music To The Next Level.

Step-By-Step Process

1. Your Organic Engagement

Your song is sent to experts after your order, and they listen to it through to the end. After that, we'll offer you some brief commentary on the song. We also won't promote it if it still needs a lot of work. We'll provide you with constructive criticism first so you can make improvements before submitting to us. You'll get your money back in a day or two if you decide against making improvements to your track.

 2- Influencer Pitching

We will distribute the song to a group of TikTok influencers if everything checks out. These influencers perform a range of musical styles, and we'll make an effort to pair it with the influencer who most closely matches it. When your song is approved, it will be added to our library.

3. Targeted Influencers

After searching through all of the songs in our catalogue, Influencers will request your song based on the package you select. After double-checking the request, we will grant approval to the greatest influencers we can find. We're also attempting to match it according to their channel's activity and number of followers. Not only is it important to consider the number of followers, but also the audience and the quality of their ongoing activity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I find my song link on TikTok?

  • Will I get likes, comments and followers on TikTok from the promotion?

  • What genres do you cover?

  • How soon will my campaign start after I purchase?

  • Is the promotion safe?

  • Are the posts permanent on the influencer's channels?

  • Can I purchase the promotion before my song is released?

  • Do you promote songs in all languages?

FAQ's User Manual

To locate the link to your TikTok song, tap the three dots in the video that includes your song, then choose "Copy Link." Although exact figures cannot be promised, the goal of our TikTok campaign is to increase visibility and engagement. We focus safe promotion techniques, cover a wide range of musical genres, and launch campaigns as soon as they are purchased. Influencer posts can be purchased in advance of your song's release, and their duration varies. We support the diversity of music around the world by promoting songs in all languages.

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