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Trying to Get Your Latest Single Viral?

NFT  Promotions 


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Influencer marketing is the quickest and most effective way to increase brand recognition.

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  • SongAcceptance/Rejection

  • Organic Engagement

  • Genre Targeting

  • Royalties Eligible

Are You Trying To Get Your Latest Single Viral?

Then Submit Your Track to Thousands of Influencers Today!


Every month

Recommended Plan for Ultimate Growth

  • Complete Spotify Campaign 4 Tracks

  • Complete SoundCloud Campaign 4 Tracks

  • Complete YouTube Campaign 4 Tracks

  • Complete Audiomack Campaign 3 Tracks

  • Complete Genius Blog Package

  • Organic Growth of Followers & Subscribers on all Platforms

  • Press Release Writing & Blog Posts

  • Customized IGTV & Reel Branding

  • Create Cover Art/ Promo Posts

  • Photo and Video Editors

  • TikTok Engagements (FYP Targeting)

  • Analytics & Results of your Growth

  • Scheduled Calls with Personal Brand Manager

Platinum Plan
Silver Plan
  • Complete Spotify Campaign 3 Tracks

  • Complete SoundCloud Campaign 3 Tracks

  • SoundCloud Marketing & Engagement

  • Spotify Curation & Playlisting

  • Wide scale Facebook or Instagram Ad Campaigns

  • AI Programmed Manual Targeting

  • Analytics & Results of your Growth

  • Personal Brand Manager 24/7


Every month

Recommended Marketing Plan to Start Growing

The Process

 PA Gives You All The Steps Taken To Bring Your Music To The Next Level.

Step-By-Step Process

1.  Minting.

The minting process begins from having created an original piece of art. It may be an audio file (for example your latest electronic track) - but it can also be a video (for example if your pair it with visuals. Other types of content include 3D animations, gifs and images - for instance, you can always sell the artwork for your track as an NFT. The possibilities are pretty much endless - as long as it can be saved as this kind of file.

 2- Ethereum wallet

you’re going to need something called an “Ethereum wallet”. The most popular wallet - and one that is easily linked with is called Metamask. It can be accessed directly from the Opensea platform. You have to download a special “Metamask” Google Chrome extension and create your account.

3. Gas fee

Bear in mind that in order to mint an NFT, you will need funds on your Ethereum wallet in order to pay something called a “gas fee”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How does the NFT music work?

  • How can I turn my music into an NFT?

  • What is the process of NFT development?

  • What is NFT marketplace solution for music?

  • Can you sell music on NFT?

  • What is the future of NFT in music?

  • What is an NFT music label?

FAQ's User Manual

A music NFT is a digital asset linked to a song, EP, album, or video clip, issued on a blockchain. Musicians can submit their catalog, and we create NFTs for their music on the blockchain. Investors make offers, and musicians can choose to accept or decline. NFT token development involves creating unique tokens tied to digital assets. To list and sell music on NFT marketplaces, artists need to purchase Ether. The trend includes emerging platforms offering features like virtual concerts, granting NFT owners exclusive experiences. This innovative approach mirrors a record label specializing in NFT creation and distribution in the music industry.

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